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A Healthier Approach to Dentistry

Since 2002, Dr. Ilona Fotek has set the standard for holistic dental health by focusing on how your oral health impacts your overall health. Our goal is to offer thoughtful and effective treatments without the drawbacks of the traditional approach most dental practices still use. Dr. Ilona Fotek and her team want to help patients like you achieve a beautifully healthy smile in the most natural way possible. For your safety and comfort, we don’t resort to the harmful chemicals and toxic materials still in use today.


Understanding Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry goes beyond just your teeth. Being biologic dentists, we strongly believe in the inextricable link between oral health and overall body health. Your dental health is connected to the rest of your body, which means dental issues can influence how you feel and your susceptibility to diseases. Because we understand this connection between your oral health and your overall health, we always focus on the potential long-term impact of our procedures. Our therapeutic goal is to find the root cause of the symptom that may harm your immune and nervous system, thus compromising overall health. This is why we avoid toxic chemicals and take into account your lifestyle before every treatment.

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A Natural Approach to Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Your Holistic Dentist in Jupiter, FL

Dr. Ilona Fotek

Meet the Dentist

“Dr. Fotek is a very talented dentist, kind and thorough. The office, at times, seems to have issues with employees, but hopefully that will straighten out because the doctor is worth staying with the practice. I was looking for a holistic dentist and am very happy with Dr. Fotek.”


“Dr. Ilona Fotek, her staff, and her holistic approach to dentistry and oral health are outstanding. She is extremely thorough and concerned for her patients’ well-being. I highly recommend her practice!”

Mary C.

“We LOVE Dr. Fotek and her staff!!! Because of insurance issues, we tried another dentist. We came back after one visit somewhere else because of her gentle, thorough, and holistic approach. Her office and tech staff make you feel like you're at home. Her services and care are well worth paying for!...You won't be disappointed.”

Paula N.

“Dental Healing Arts has a great staff who cares about me as a person, not just a patient. The dental care provided by Dr. Ilona compares to no other. She is meticulous, gentle, highly skilled, intelligent and very caring. We are blessed to have Dental Healing Arts available to our communities. Thank you to all!”

Bonnie M.

Customized Treatments Using a Natural Approach

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