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Pediatric Tongue & Lip Tie

Approximately 4-11% of children are born with rare conditions known as tongue and lip ties. Because these conditions are not life-threatening, they are often not taken seriously and allowed to persist well into adulthood. Not addressing this situation will inevitably lead to several dental and overall health problems as you grow older. Dental Healing Arts can provide a solution so you can live more comfortably if you have struggled with lip or tongue ties for much of your life.

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How Do We Treat These Conditions?

The most common treatment for lip ties is a procedure known as a frenectomy. This involves cutting the band of tissue that limits tongue movement. Dr. Fotek performs the procedure to free up the tongue or lip ties using lasers as they offer the same results with less risk for pain, infection and often offer faster recovery times. Most often, a tongue tie release needs to be followed with Orofacial Myology (Myofunctional therapy) and/or functional growth appliance.

Why Seek Treatment for Tongue and Lip Frenectomy?

Tongue and lip ties tend to trigger other detrimental health conditions. Patients with these malformations are more likely to develop speech impediment, gum recession and orthodontic problems.  

A low lying tongue position may contribute to poor tongue muscle tone, as well as to the muscles lining the soft palate. Most often, the palate will also not be well developed. This musuclar and palatal malformation combination may contribute to snoring. Snoring is caused by vibration of these soft tissues and is evidence of a reduction of air going into the lungs. In children, this will cause a whole cascade of development problems.

Want to Know if You Need a Procedure for Your Tongue or Lip Tie in Jupiter, Florida?

The experts at Dental Healing Arts have the skill to treat a wide range of oral health conditions. If you have struggled with a tongue or lip tie, we can help you feel more comfortable and get you on the path to superior overall health. Get started with a call today!

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