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At Dental Healing Arts, we are always looking for ways to improve your health while minimizing exposure to dangerous chemicals and medications. We focus on finding ways to empower your body’s natural healing properties without any adverse long-term effects. One of the ways we achieve this goal is by implementing ozone to all our dental treatments. Learn more about the benefits of ozone and how Dental Healing Arts can help.

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What is Ozone?

Ozone is a molecule composed of three oxygen atoms, represented chemically as O3. It is an allotropic form of oxygen, meaning it exists in a different molecular arrangement compared to the more common diatomic oxygen (O2) we breathe. Ozone is a highly reactive and naturally occurring substance, which plays a crucial role in the Earth's atmosphere by forming the ozone layer which shields us from harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun.

What Are the Benefits of Ozone?

In the realm of modern dentistry, the power of ozone has emerged as a remarkable tool for promoting oral health and well-being.  

1. Ozone Therapy: A Breath of Fresh Air for Oral Care

Ozone therapy in dentistry represents a paradigm shift towards minimally invasive and holistic dental treatments. This non-invasive approach harnesses the incredible potential of ozone to disinfect, heal, and rejuvenate oral tissues. By delivering ozone gas in controlled concentrations, we can target and eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the oral cavity, effectively purifying and detoxifying the dental environment. Dr. Ilona uses it on all her patients to achieve a microbe-free environment.

2. Dental Caries and Ozone: A Natural Antidote

Ozone has become a potent ally in the battle against dental caries. By applying ozone gas to the affected tooth, we can halt the progression of early cavities and promote the remineralization of enamel. This conservative approach eliminates the need for traditional drilling and fillings, preserving more of the natural tooth structure while minimizing patient discomfort.

3. Periodontal Health: Ozone's Gentle Touch

When it comes to gum disease and periodontal infections, ozone therapy offers a gentle yet powerful solution. Gum disease is a bacterial infection so Ozone is the right tool in the battle to stop disease progression. Ozone can effectively reduce inflammation, destroy harmful bacteria within periodontal pockets, and stimulate tissue healing. This non-surgical adjunct to periodontal therapy helps maintain the integrity of the gums and bone while promoting overall oral health.

4. Alternative to Root Canals and Ozone:

Ozone's oxidative properties make it a valuable asset in the early stages of a tooth root inflammation, a way of avoiding possible root canal therapy. By saturating the exposed inflamed tooth nerve with ozonated gas, we can effectively disinfect and possible heal the nerve, allowing for full healing. Time is of essence in this case as the inflamed nerve will eventually die if left untreated. Ozone also helps in minimizing post-operative discomfort and enhancing the healing process.

5. Ozone-Aided Teeth Desensitizing

Ozone has extended its reach to cosmetic dentistry, where it aids in teeth desensitizing procedures. By utilizing ozone gas to enhance the penetration of ozone into the dentinal tubules, we achieve dazzling results with tooth sensitivity reduction.

6. Safe, Natural, and Eco-Friendly

One of the most appealing aspects of ozone in dentistry is its safety and eco-friendliness. Ozone is a natural substance with no harmful byproducts, making it an environmentally conscious choice for dental practitioners and patients alike. Its non-toxic nature ensures minimal impact on both the patient's body and the surrounding environment.

7. Pain Reduction

Ozone's anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce pain and discomfort in various dental conditions, including mouth ulcers and post-surgical healing.

8. Eco-Friendly

Ozone is an environmentally friendly substance. It breaks down into oxygen (O2) after its therapeutic use, leaving no harmful residues or byproducts.

9. Holistic Dentistry

Ozone therapy aligns with the principles of holistic dentistry, which focuses on overall health and minimally invasive treatments.

How Does Ozone Therapy Work?

Ozone's oxidative power makes it effective at destroying pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. When ozone encounters these microorganisms, it disrupts their cell membranes and damages their cellular components, ultimately leading to their inactivation or destruction.

Ozone's oxidative properties can also modulate the body's inflammatory response. In some medical applications, ozone therapy is used to reduce inflammation and promote tissue healing. The dental health benefits of ozone are especially prevalent on the teeth as it boosts recalcification, leaving your teeth stronger and more protected against decay.

Treatment with Ozonette Dental System

This compact and highly efficient Medical Certified Ozone Generator, no larger than an iPad, brings the power of ozone therapy to your dental treatments. Designed with simplicity in mind, the user interface and easy setup ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience for both our dental professionals and patients.

The Ozonette Dental System's state-of-the-art technology allows it to operate in various environments, delivering precise medical-grade ozone gas concentrations. This versatile unit is suitable for a range of procedures, including Prolozone Therapy, all Insufflation Methods, IV Ozone Saline Infusions, Minor and Major Autohemotherapy, and Aesthetic Ozone Injections.  

With the Ozonette Dental System, we are committed to providing you with the highest standard of dental care in the most convenient and patient-friendly way possible.

Are You Interested in Ozone as part of your dentistry?

At Dental Healing Arts, we are strong proponents of biological medicine. Embracing ozone therapy is a testament to our commitment to evolving dental practices, prioritizing patient comfort, and fostering a healthier, more sustainable future for oral healthcare.  This means we avoid using harmful chemics in favor of effective natural treatments. If you want to learn more about ozone, get in touch with our office today!

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