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Tooth Sensitivity

Dental sensitivity is one of the most common complaints for patients visiting the dentist. This is because a sensitive tooth can be a sign of many issues, ranging from decay to trauma. Dr. Fotek at Dental Healing Arts will conduct a comprehensive exam to identify the root cause of your sensitivity and offer the treatment you need to enhance your oral health.

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Why is My Tooth Sensitive?  

Sensitivity can result from different sources. Understanding the type of dental sensitivity you are experiencing can clue you into the potential source.

  • Worn fillings
  • Cavities
  • Toth cracks or fractures
  • Demineralized tooth structure
  • Exposed roots
  • Gum disease or recession
  • Bruxism (tooth grinding)
  • Maloclussion (misalignment of teeth)

Sensitivity to Hot and Cold

Mild sensitivity to hot and cold foods could simply mean that your dental enamel has worn down, and it might be time to modify your diet, improve hygiene or switch to a different toothpaste or toothbrush.  

However, if hot and cold foods trigger sharp pain that lasts thirty seconds or longer, it is likely due to a more serious dental concern like advanced decay. Common causes for temperature sensitivity include:  

Dull and Recurring Aches

Dull aches are widespread, and frequently the result of food or debris stuck between your teeth. The pressure caused by tiny bits of seeds or other hard substances can cause discomfort, and flossing thoroughly is often enough to eliminate the pain.  

Sharp Pain and Throbbing

As a general rule, every case of sharp dental pain calls for an emergency visit to the dentist. Acute pain can result from a failed dental restoration, tooth fracture or a severe infection that could threaten your overall dental health.  

Are You Experiencing Persistent Tooth Sensitivity in Jupiter, Florida?

If you're experiencing tooth sensitivity, it’s better to play it safe. Dr.Fotek can perform a thorough examination, diagnose the underlying cause, and recommend appropriate treatment. Early intervention can help prevent further damage to your teeth, surrounding tissue and alleviate discomfort.

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