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Cosmetic dentistry and tooth restorations have come a long way in the last couple of decades. Metal used to be one of the most common materials used on teeth, despite the clunkiness, poor aesthetic qualities, and adverse health impact. At Dental Healing Arts, we use metal alternatives to and more natural-looking restorations.

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What is Metal-Free Dentistry?

As the name implies, this process involves using dental procedures that do not include metal. There are several treatments like fillings and bridges that have traditionally utilized metal. Instead, we emphasize acrylic, porcelain, and other tooth-colored materials that won’t stand out or contrast against the rest of your teeth.

Why We Practice Metal-Free Dentistry

At Dental Healing Arts, we chose to avoid using mercury and silver fillings (also known as amalgam fillings) to protect our patients’ overall health. Most people don’t realize that these fillings contain mercury, which is the most toxic nonradioactive substance on earth. In fact, if mercury is spilled, OSHA has a special protocol for cleaning it. Yet many dentists continue to use mercury on patients.

A Global Concern  

The World Health Organization (WHO) has conducted several studies and concluded that mercury-containing fillings contribute to more mercury burden than any other source. These studies have also shown that mercury exposure can exacerbate damaging habits like bruxism and gum-chewing.  

As far as Dental Healing Arts is concerned, we believe that there is no “safe” or “acceptable” amount of mercury exposure. For this reason, we’ve instituted safe and comprehensive mercury removal protocols and refuse to use any dental devices that contain mercury.

Why Choose Metal-Free Dentistry?  

There are two main reasons why metal-free dentistry is a superior option. For starters, it simply looks better. Metal restorations stand out against the white surface of teeth. Non-metal alternatives seamlessly blend into your tooth structure.

Secondly, metal-free dentistry is healthier. One of the most prevalent examples of this fact is amalgam fillings. Over half of the dentists in the U.S. still use these metal fillings despite containing mercury. With metal-free dentistry, you don’t have to worry about exposing your body to harmful substances that can negatively affect your overall health.  

What are the Benefits of Metal-Free Dentistry?  

  • Long-lasting
  • Natural appearance
  • Biologically healthier

Ready to Experience Metal-Free Dentistry?  

Dental Healing Arts is your home for holistic, biological dentistry. We don’t just deliver high-quality dental treatments; we also focus on the effect our procedures have on your overall health. If you are ready to see a dentist who truly makes your health their top priority, give us a call today!  

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