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A proper bite is necessary for improved oral health, and the best way to analyze it is by using the T-Scan from TekScanTM. At Dental Healing Arts, we always strive to provide our patients with the best treatments and diagnosis tools available using the latest technology. Taking advantage of these new and improved devices can make your treatment as accurate and comfortable as possible.

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What is Occlusion?

Your bite’s occlusion is a way of describing how your teeth meet when you close your mandible and maxilla, otherwise known as your upper and lower jaws. We always want our bites to be as even as possible and can often use orthodontic treatment to adjust the teeth to get rid of malocclusion, which is the term for an improper bite.  

Malocclusion can, unfortunately, lead to various oral health problems, can make it difficult to chew, and can simply be uncomfortable on a daily basis.

What is the T-Scan from TekScan?

We use T-Scan technology to analyze your bite’s lateral movements, protrusive movements, and chewing ability. The dentist will grip a handpiece with a flat surface at the end, which the patient will bite on. After doing so, the device will record data in an easy-to-understand visual format that shows a complete timeline of the bite from beginning to end.

The dentist will use this data to improve the accuracy of treatment while simultaneously being able to educate patients about their bite. Occlusion applies to nearly every dental procedure, from implants and dentures to veneers and orthodontics, so T-Scan can drastically change your dental visits for the better.

What Are the Benefits of T-Scan?

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