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For many years, the first sign of a cavity meant drilling and filling. Today, simple non-invasive treatments and strategies may be the best way to manage areas of early decay, preventing small problems from becoming bigger.

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What Is an Incipient Lesion?

Repeated exposure to bacterial acids in your mouth eventually may cause tooth enamel to demineralize, and these areas of early decay are called incipient cavities. Incipient caries can either progress into the soft dentin portion of the tooth or become inactive through remineralization. The remineralization can be achieved through proper hygiene regimen, diet, using different products topically as well as Laser and Ozone treatment.

Why is Caries Prevention Important?

Caries (or cavities) are holes caused by bacteria, sugar and acids on the surface of your teeth. Although genetic variables make people more likely to develop cavities, they are often the result of poor oral hygiene, biofilm, diet, nutrient deficiency, overall mineral and hormonal imbalance.

Caries prevention is essential to avoid painful dental health issues. Cavities create a pathway for bacteria to enter the center of your tooth.  

How Do We Help You Prevent Cavities?

One of the methods for cavity prevention is Ozone that is used onto the surface of the teeth.  Ozone, also known as O3, is a non toxic, powerful ingredient that works as an “oxidative burst” removing pathogens like bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other disease-causing cells.

In our office, we use Ozone as ozonated water or gas to destroy the microbes without harming healthy cells and unpleasant side effects.

Another method utilized in Dental Healing Arts is Laser- Fotona  Lightwalker that can eliminate bacteria from the surface of your teeth while changing the top layer of enamel. This makes the tooth more impervious to acids. The Fotona Lightwalker device utilizes hydrokinetic technology to remove microbes and can additionally remove hard and soft tissue with laser-powered water droplets.  

There is no heat and no vibrations associated with the Waterlase laser and it is completely safe.  The FDA deemed the hydrokinetic laser safe for use on both adults and children in 1998. Laser sterilizes the treated area, meaning that there is less risk of bacterial invasions or infections.  For children and fearful patients, the dental laser offers a needleless and painless way to achieve the perfect smile.    

Protect Your Teeth with Laser Caries Prevention in Jupiter, Florida!

We use lasers to provide advanced preventative and restorative treatment to our patients. If you want to learn more about how we use lasers to offer unparalleled service, call our office today!

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