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Metal-Free Implants

Dental implants are one of the most common tooth-replacement procedures in dentistry and are the #1 implantable device in the medical world. In fact, over a million are placed each year in the U.S. However, although practical, using a metal-based implant might not be ideal for every patient and potentially harmful to some. If you are looking for alternative implant options, Dr. Fotek, a Board Certified Periodontist in Dental Implant Surgery, offers metal-free implants.

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What are Metal-Free Implants?

Standard dental implant procedures use medical-grade titanium posts to support the implant crown. However, some patients have medical conditions that may make using metals not safe, while others simply prefer to avoid having metals all together  
Metal-free implants are made from durable substances like Zirconia, a biocompatible ceramic material. These implants function the same way traditional metal implants do, making them an excellent alternative for those wishing to avoid metal.

Why Would I Choose Metal-Free Implants?

Aesthetic Appeal

Metal-free implants are made from materials that resemble the color of your tooth. This is excellent news for patients with thin gumline tissue because the metal of dental implants can sometimes appear at the base of the gum line or even shine through the tissue giving an unpleasant gray appearance.

Safer for Allergy Sufferers

Many patients suffer from various metal allergies, which can cause severe reactions and make it impossible to use metal implants. In these cases, metal-free implants provide a safe alternative.

Protect Your Health

Several studies have shown that even titanium can wear under certain conditions in the oral environment and cause a permanent titanium tattoo. This unsightly effect of the metal implant will have a lifelong impact on oral esthetics and possibly on overall health. Metal-free implants help avoid this problem altogether.  

Want to Learn More About Metal-Free Implants in Palm Beach?

At Dental Healing Arts, we are committed to helping you reach the best dental health results while protecting you from dangerous undesirable materials. Get in touch with our Palm Beach office today and schedule a visit to discuss our metal-free options.  

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