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There’s much more to dentistry than improving the appearance of your smile. Dentists need to consider a wide range of variables to ensure that you can undergo certain treatments. One of the factors many don’t think about is bone density and volume.

Not only will your dentist be unable to perform procedures like dental implants without a healthy amount of jawbone, but the stability of all your teeth might be compromised. At Dental Healing Arts, we offer bone graft surgery to help reinforce your oral structures, so you are in excellent condition for any dental treatment you desire.

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What is a Bone Graft?  

Bone grafts are bone transplantations used in areas of the jaw where there is not enough to complete a surgical procedure or restore the bone lost to injury or disease. Bone grafts using your own bone are called autografts, and in these cases, the material is taken from the hip, tibia, or back of the jaw. Ceramic materials are also commonly used for bone grafts, often combined with other substances like calcium sulfate, bioactive glass, and calcium phosphate.  

What is the Relationship Between Bone Grafts and Tooth Extractions?  

When a tooth is removed from the socket, an opening is created where the tooth root once sat. Without the tooth, that opening can cave in on itself, creating an unstable surface for future procedures.  

A tooth also stimulates the natural regeneration process of the jawbone, without the tooth in place, the jawbone can begin to wither away, causing your facial features to sag. Bone grafts help fill the empty area left behind by extraction, preventing bone degeneration and strengthening the area for future dental procedures like implants.  

Do I Need a Bone Graft?  

Bone grafts can be used for restorative, preventative, or cosmetic purposes. In cases where a patient has lost bone in the jaw, be it from trauma or disease, a bone graft can help restore the volume of bone in a given area. This not only prevents your teeth from moving out of place but also restores the volume to your face, enhancing your appearance.  

Bone grafts are also recommended when patients looking for dental implants lack the bone density to sustain the procedure. Implants require a stable base so they don’t move out of place – for patients without sufficient bone, grafting can provide the stability necessary to ensure a successful outcome.  

Interested in Learning More About Bone Grafts in Jupiter, Florida?  

Bone graft procedures offer several benefits, including:  

  • Strengthening your oral structures
  • Protecting your overall dental health
  • Enabling oral surgeries  

If you are concerned about the condition of your dental health and want to know if this treatment is right for you, get in touch with our office today!  

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