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Amalgam Separation System

In the past, dental amalgam was a very common filling material used to fill cavities. While it’s a durable restoration, it did have a huge downside. Amalgam fillings are composed of roughly 50% elemental mercury, which allows it to bind the amalgam materials. Mercury is one of the most toxic substances on Earth and having them in a filling will lead to some serious health problems.  

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What is an Amalgam Separation System?

While amalgam fillings are often being replaced by composite or porcelain tooth-colored fillings, its removal poses both a health and environmental hazard.

Many dentists recommend making the switch to composite fillings with little to no regard of the harmful health effects of its removal. Dr. Fotek takes this very seriously hence she follows the strict guidelines set by IAOMT and the SMART protocol for mercury amalgam removal. This is just the first step.

To protect the environment and more important the wastewater lines, Dr. Fotek has installed a Mercury Amalgam Separation System. The Mercury Amalgam Seperator has been put in place to capture amalgam fillings as they are being removed. The amalgam particles from the drilled amalgam fillings are captured before entering the sewage system this preventing future water system contamination.

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