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Root Canal Alternatives

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Root Canal Alternatives

Although your tooth enamel is the hardest substance produced by the human body, exposure to the sugars and acids found in many foods can wear away at the tooth surface and create cavities. When a cavity is left untreated, over time it will reach your tooth's pulp (the bundle of nerves, veins, and tissue at the center) and the process of an infected nerve will begin. This is often perceived as throbbing pain.

Traditional dentists, in such cases, will treat the infected tooth with a root canal.  Root canals frequently serve as a band-aids until reinfection occurs. This traditional treatment may pose detrimental effects on your overall health. We are different. Dr. Fotek treats patients individually, based on their health status and the severity of the condition.  

At Dental Healing Arts, we are proud to offer root canal alternatives to stop the infection and protect your overall health. In the most severe of cases, the only alternative is to remove the infected tooth.

Dr. Paul Fotek, a Board Certified Periodontist, is an expert in performing all types of tooth extractions. Once this direction is chosen, Dr. Fotek will discuss the options to “fill in the gaps.” This is critical not only for esthetics but also to enable you to eat, speak, and complete other activities without pain, difficulty, or embarrassment. All procedures are performed using biologically based, natural approaches and materials, and minimally invasive tools that aim to preserve your health while we improve it.

To completely and effectively eliminate the infection, Dr. Fotek recommends a four-stage approach as an alternative to a root canal. This process is performed through the collaboration of multiple members of our extensively trained team at Dental Healing Arts. This begins with an atraumatic extraction of the affected tooth. Once the tooth is extracted, the remaining ligament is removed and the infected bone is sanitized using ozone and laser therapy to further disinfect the site. A bone graft material may be needed to aid in reconstructing the damaged bone. The process is completed by utilizing platelet rich fibrin (PRF) stem cells to increase your body’s healing potential. Finally, a biocompatible dental implant with a customized ceramic crown completes the tooth replacement process. A tooth extraction along with placement of a biocompatible dental implant offers a natural-looking smile that can last a lifetime!

If the thought of tooth extractions makes you uncomfortable, count on Dr. Fotek and team at Dental Healing Arts to make your experience as smooth and comfortable as possible, ranging from multiple sedation options, spa-like amenities, to post treatment laser photobiostimulation.

Why Choose a Root Canal Alternative?  

This eliminates the source of infection and avoids placing a greater burden on a patient's immune system. If you want to learn which root canal alternative is right for you, schedule an appointment and talk to Dr. Fotek today!  

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