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Maintaining excellent oral and overall health starts when you’re young. There are a number of subtle conditions that we develop in childhood that can have some serious effect in our adult lives without treatment. This is especially true for airway obstructions caused by a jaw or tooth misalignment. The experts at Dental Healing Arts can help prevent a wide range of health concerns with airway orthodontics for our pediatric patients.

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Development of Airway and Sleep Apnea

The development of an adequate airway begins right from birth. Breastfeeding plays a crucial role in nurturing a healthy airway in infants. It is pivotal for the growth and development of a child throughout their life. A well-developed airway minimizes the risk of sleep apnea, a condition that affects both children and adults.

Sleep Apnea in Children and Teens

Sleep apnea symptoms in children can include bedwetting, ADD/ADHD, irritability, and poor focus. Sadly, some are misdiagnosed and prescribed medications that can worsen their condition. In adolescence, crowded teeth, narrow faces, and underdeveloped jaws are visible signs of sleep apnea, leading to reliance on stimulants like caffeine.  

These symptoms can escalate into severe health issues, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and pulmonary problems, reducing lifespan.

What is Orthodontic Dentistry?

Orthodontic dentistry is the specialty concerned with diagnosing, treating, and preventing malpositioned teeth and jaws. Orthodontic treatment can be non-invasive and include dental growth appliances, braces, Invisalign or as complex as oral surgery for more severe cases.  

What is Airway Orthodontics?

Airway orthodontics is the application of orthodontics skills and treatments to improve breathing in patients. This specialty aims to establish a link between jaw and teeth positioning and deliver treatments that optimize breathing. These treatments can minimize the chances of developing potentially dangerous conditions like sleep apnea and unlock long-term health benefits when done at an early age.  

Treatment Options


Vivos is a revolutionary oral appliance that addresses the structural triggers of airway obstructions. Using this appliance may eliminate the most uncomfortable symptoms of obstructions and sleep apnea and carries several benefits including:

  • Could avoid the need for surgery
  • Improves long-term outcomes of breathing restrictions  
  • Reduces (and often stops) snoring
  • Improves sleep patterns and therefore energy levels and attention span
  • Aids in addressing TMJ disorder symptoms

Is Airway Orthodontics Right for My Child?

The only way to know if your child can benefit from these treatments is by visiting your dentist for an examination. We will be able to determine if your child’s breathing difficulties are rooted in oral anomalies. These treatments can benefit children and adults with obstructions or blockage in the nasal cavities.  

Can Your Child Benefit from Airway Orthodontics in Jupiter, Florida?

Airway orthodontics can be the key to improving overall health for years to come. Some of the benefits of this specialty include:

  • Improved sleeping patterns
  • Enable healthy facial development
  • Reduce the need for further orthodontic treatment in the future

If your child struggles with breathing obstructions, call our office to schedule a consultation and learn more!

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