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It might sound scary, but people lose teeth all the time. Accidents, gum disease, tooth decay, and aging are the leading culprits of edentulism (the state of being without teeth), and today, more than half of Americans have at least one missing tooth. Luckily, advancements in dental science have paved the way for more effective tooth replacement procedures than ever before. At Dental Healing Arts, we are equipped with the technology and expertise to restore your smile.  

Do I Really Need a Tooth Replacement?

Some patients might think that a single missing tooth might not be a cause for concern. However, edentulism is more than just a cosmetic problem. Tooth roots provide the stimulation your jawbone needs to be healthy; without this stimulation, the bone will degenerate. A missing tooth can also cause the rest of your teeth to shift out of position – the adjacent teeth can start to move into the empty area, with other teeth in the row soon to follow.  This shift will eventually cause TMJ pain.

What is the Most Common Tooth Replacement Option?  

We offer several procedures to help restore your missing teeth. For patients with more than one missing tooth, dental implants provide the perfect permanent solution. They not only look and feel like your own teeth, but dental implants also bring back form, function, and, most importantly, personal confidence.  

What are the Benefits of Tooth Replacement?  

  • Prevents the rest of your teeth from moving out of place
  • Stops degeneration of the jawbone
  • Restores your appearance and self-esteem

Looking for a Tooth Replacement in Jupiter, Florida?

Look no further than the team at Dental Healing Arts for a beautiful and long-lasting tooth replacement procedure. Come to our office and learn about our biological approach to dentistry using ceramic dental implants. Send us a message to get started!  

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